Weekly Reflections…

The Weekend that was: It was a BUSY weekend. We went down to YC in Winnipeg MB, with our youth group and had a BLAST!!! Great speakers, music and hang out time! Usually when I take a group to events that require a lot of supervision and responsibility I can’t wait for the weekend to end… I sit in my office today (WEDS) and wish we were still at YC!

Where I am at the moment: I am in my office listening to music!

On my to-do list this week: I have to prepare messages for friday and Sunday! And also, do some follow up with the youth who came to YC!

Procrastinating about: Preparing messages for this week! I have ideas though!

Book I’m in the midst of: Still reading the same books as last week! I can’t wait for my copy of ‘Flickering Pixels’ to arrive in the mail late this week or early next!

Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: A Lot! I purchased quite a bit of music on the weekend! I bought the new Jars of Clay album, which is a great listen! I was recommended this new worship outfit known as ‘The Michael Gungor Band’ by the guy working the booth at YC. And man are they good. Talk about a hidden secret in the worship music scene. Check them out for sure! My first ‘Christian’ purchases in a long while! I’m also really enjoying the new Future of Forestry ep and Pilot Speed albums.

How I’m feeling about this week: Wanting to have a good week and want it to pass lol! Vacation in like 12 days!!!!


One response to “Weekly Reflections…

  1. You should be doing this every week love!! Get on this blog thing!

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