Weekly Reflections…

I’ve seen this regular monday update on other blog’s (Jordon and Marko) and figured this would be a great way to do regular weekly updates… so I will steal it without shame… here goes:

The Weekend that was: It was a good weekend! Friday night’s youth service was great. We had roughly 30 people out and seen a lot of new faces. I spent most of Saturday watching hockey. Finished up my message for Sunday morning’s service. It’s interesting, I felt as though I didn’t prepare well and yet many thanked me for the encouragment. All to say, I think when there’s less of me and my ‘good preparation’ and more of God, the message will minister that much better… What a crazy thought! I spent the rest of Sunday napping and hanging out with friends. All in all a good weekend!

Where I am at the moment: Sitting in my office, stressing out a little about our upcoming Youth Convention that we attend 7 hours away from Thompson.

On my to do list this week: Prepare a sermon for Sunday morning and make sure I get everything set up for the YC Trip. Most of all, I have to chase kids down for their registration forms and money, oh the joys of youth ministry!

Procrastinating about: YC stuff and sermon prep…

Book I’m in the midst of: Reading two at the moment! I’m reading a memoir, “The Unlikely Disciple” by Kevin Roose… So far so good, but wish I had more time to read at the moment… And also, “The Divine Conspiracy” by Dallas Willard… I’ve always known this was a good book, but it’s thick 400 pages, has always scared me off from reading it… I’ve read 2 chapters and love what he’s saying… Any minister would do well to read ANYTHING that Willard writes!

Music that caught my attention this past week: It’s been hardcore nostalgia this past week. I’ve mainly been listening to old Billy Talent and Metric albums. It’s amazing how Billy Talent’s first disc still stands up very well 6 years later… I think the concerts made that much of a good impression, that i like the music even more… Metric’s new album Fantasies is a great listen and their first album ‘Grow up and blow away’ which was only released last year, is totally blowing me away! A hidden secret for sure! Make sure to check them both out!  Also the New HIP disc is really good!

How I’m feeling about this week: A little stressed and yet happy that spring is here (and hockey playoffs!) Go Rangers, Go Flames!!!


One response to “Weekly Reflections…

  1. nicolemclellan

    I totally snagged this from you love!!!

    Don’t be stressed… you have me, you’re favorite personal assistant to help you out!!!

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