U2- No Line on the Horizon

u2nolineonthehorizon_1235216448_crop_500x449It’s been over a week since U2 released their new album and reviews/opinions seem to be mixed all across the board! Rolling stone seems to think it’s an instant classic as where Time magazine and Pitchfork, weren’t so quick to go there!Personally, I’m begining to learn that I have a tendency to hype up new releases to the point that my expectations can never be met, due to them being somewhat unrealistic! I like to read other’s opinions on music and as I was reading through the reviews of NLOTH, I had to continually ask myself, are people reviewing and rating this disc based on how it stands up in today’s music market, or is U2 in such a class of their own that the only thing you can compare this disc to, is the rest of the U2 catalogue? I think, the latter is true!

I’m not even going to write a review of sorts about this disc because I probably don’t understand music well enough, nor do I have the “music reviewer langauage” down pat, to write such a review! But I will state a few of my opinions regarding the new album!

1. I loved ‘All that you can’t leave behind’ and ‘How to dismantle an automic bomb’. They were great albums, full of great anthems that you knew would be sung throughout the audience of every show and maybe the songs were even a little more shamefully pop! I was blown away by how much U2 chose to mix things up on this album… Although I feel we have heard them sound like this before (think Auchtung baby), I still felt a little alienated by the album, in comparison to the last two!

2. For the first five days after buying the album, I felt that this was a BIG letdown, the songs didn’t stay in my head like previous efforts, and the Letterman performances didn’t blow me away like past performances I’ve seen!

3. I am now starting to appreciate NLOTH, for what it is! It’s a great rock album and you can tell that U2 felt the need to keep things fresh, rather than safe by releasing another ATYCLB or HTDAAB! I still feel, like i said above, that we’ve somewhat heard this album before, but it is a departure from the previous two releases!

4. My favorite tracks, as of now, are: Breathe, Stand up, Magnificent and Unknown Caller!

5. I think with time this album will really grow on me! I’ve heard many say it’s definately a ‘grower’ and not so much a ‘shower’. I don’t want to write the album off a week into it’s release… some of my favorite albums have taken me months or years to truly appreciate!

Have you heard the album? What do you think?


One response to “U2- No Line on the Horizon

  1. definitely unknown caller for me….

    i agree, the album didn’t stick immediately, but it’s growing on me!

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