Elections, Music and Christmas

I have to admit, I am looking forward to November 4th in America… I know as a Canadian the American election is not my business, but it does have an effect on me whether that is right or not, and it is getting quite annoying always hearing about it on my television… I think this is where Canada nailed it right… our election lasted all of 6 weeks… perfect… 6 weeks, 300 million dollars later (sick)… and not much changed, except that the Conservative got more seats, the Liberals got smoked, the Green Party attended the debates but couldn’t win a seat (you figure that out), The Bloc is still pissin everyone off and The New Democrats have grown a little and I have to admit that their leader makes the most ammusing comments about the oppositions leaders’ sweater! Don’t get me wrong i love politics, but i think everyone has their limits! I look forward to getting a Time or Mclean’s Mag in the mail that is free of election talk… i know i’ll keep dreaming, but you can always hope!

I’ve found myself listening to a lot of music lately… this isn’t unusual, but what is… is that I find myself digging back into my high school and Elementary school days for my musical tastes as of late… Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, The Tragically hip, Incubus, Candlebox, REM, Oasis, Radiohead etc… it’s never sounded so good… I think this is the litmus test for what good music is… Whether or not you can throw it in 10 years later and still enjoy it as much or more than you did before… I’ve been enlightened to see that LimpBizkit, LFO, Savage Garden, Eifffel 65 and the like didn’t past the test… I wonder what that says of some the present day music of our day… Will people really rock out to Daughtry or Jordin Sparks in 10 years… time will tell…

And finally, I cannot believe that Christmas is approaching so quickly… With the economy in turmoil, I wonder how this will effect Christmas spending? And as a guy trying to follow the ways of Jesus, I wonder if this can be a real positive thing? … Christmas stresses a lot of people out and I think this is the opposite of what Christmas is supposed to be about… I’m all for giving each other gifts and don’t want to quit that, because I think it’s a good thing… Spending money on each other is not what i’m warring against… But I think it can been taken to an unhealthy level… It shouldn’t stress us out to the point of illness… I know I have to get my shoppping going soon… I’m always the last 2 weeks before Christmas shopper… i need to avoid that this year, for the sake of sanity and favour with my wife… I look forward to the snow, hopefully in November (us Canadians must sound crazy) and upcoming season… These are my morning thoughts!


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