It’s been too long…

 Sitting here kind of Reading some Kimball and keeping my eye on a pretty pathetic football game… It’s been a while since i last posted and have to admit that sheer laziness and desire to write is what has kept me from posting! But tonight my mind is on the morning service in 13 hours or so…

It’s my turn to speak and I plan on sharing some thoughts on talent and what that means for those inside the church. I’ve spoken on this a couple of times before and both times were to a youth audience and the message was met with positive responses… I sort of encouraged them to use their talents that they had been given… That God had given each of us some amount of talent and that we need to invest and not rob this world of our gifts and of that which God has given us to serve others… Our world seems obsessed with talent… We celebrate it through TV shows, sports, etc… But in the Church we seem to neglect people’s talent… aside from good voices, musicians, or speakers… because this really covers everything right?… Hopefully, you sense my joking…

I’ve been noticing lately how many people have the idea that church is more of a show than it is something that everyone shares in. Where did we ever get the idea that the only people who contribute in the church are the people on the platform? It seems to me that a read through the New Testament shows that all of believers are to contribute and serve in the Church and more importantly as the Church (Eph. 4:11-12). I fear that for too long i’ve held the mind-set that the Pastor’s do the work… As a young pastor i’ve always felt giving work or duties to others was me just trying to be lazy and put everything on others… Now i’ve began to see it as doing church the way it is meant to be done… Everybody contributing and playing a role! Discipleship is far more than just reading or learnin the scriptures…

I guess going into tomorrow i’m going to teach on the Kingdom parable of Matthew 25, The Parable of the Talents… In which Jesus tells of the servants who were entrusted with talent (money, a God given thing) and how they handled the responsibility… I’m probably going to challenge and more so encourage those who aren’t presently involved in ministry in or out of the Church to get involved… and to start using the talents and gifts that God has given them as important parts of the body… It seems odd that this isn’t basic understanding from the bible, but i guess i’ve missed it before and so have many others… Anyways those are some thoughts i’m having this evening… Hopefully I communicate better in the morning…


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