Wide Awake.

“Faith is the determination to create with our lives what only our hearts can conceive. We pursue what we do not have as if we cannot live without it. I wonder if that’s why dating is sometimes more exciting than marriage. Maybe our marriages would get better if we kept pursuing our spouses.”

I thought this was interesting. It’s taken from Erwin’s latest book ‘Wide Awake.’ Not only does he encourage us to live life by faith (In trust), but he gives some good marriage counsel in the process… Which the ‘charasmatic with a seatbelt’, part of me, would amen! I wonder though, if this is just as true about becoming a Christian and being ‘new’ to the whole following God thing. I know it’s easy to get instituionalized and just become comfortable and accepting of what a contemporary Christian should look like. Do we get so comfortable that we quit pursuing God, like we first did upon knowing Him? Does Revelation 2 need to be read again and again, so that we never forsake our first love? This makes sense… The truth is, Heaven forbid I become content with just being a ‘good Christian/pastor’, in the sense of attending church, preaching and having the odd awkward social get together. Come to think of it, Heaven forbid I ever just become another ‘good Pentecostal’ also! May I continually pursue God with more passion and live with a holy discontent all of my days!


One response to “Wide Awake.

  1. Keep persevering! Great message.. and sounds like a great book.. maybe my dear husband will lend it to me after I’m done my current read?

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