One of my favorite things to do when i was in elementary/high school was to make compilations of my favorite music of the moment. Although technology has advanced and i no longer use cassettes, i still love bunching together a bunch of songs to listen to! To anyone who likes music, this is what’s been on my ipod the last little while:

1. Superstar by Sonic Youth: There is just something so peaceful and relaxing about this great remake of a classic tune by the Carpenters! It was recently featured in the movie ‘Juno’ and was also on the soundtrack… On Itunes you cannot buy it off the soundtrack unless you download the whole album, thankfully though, it is available as a single download on itunes from The Carpenters tribute disc, entiled, ‘If I were a carpenter.’ This song which is probably more famous now for a great scene in the movie ‘Tommy Boy’, nonetheless, is a great song and Sonic Youth made it listenable without having to question one’s gender while doing so…Check it out!

2. The Resolution by Jack’s Mannequin: Just discovered these guys recently. And have also found out that he was one of the founding members of former band ‘Something Corporate.’ Although, the former band was never one that I would call a favorite, I enjoyed the odd tune and am glad i didn’t judge this new music based on the former. Jack’s new album releases September 30 and this is the first single! I can’t wait!

3. Come all you weary by Thrice: Yes, this song is based right out of the scriptures! I picked up the new Thrice disc while I was at YC and was a little skeptical as i bought their last disc (a companion piece to this) and was a little let-down by it! This song is just what you need if you’re having a tough day/week… I think it works because the guy actually sounds sincere… and believable!

4. Them Kids by Sam Roberts: What else can i say… He’s Canadian and makes great music! I thought for sure he would lose a step with this new album, but thankfully I am proved wrong! I think this is right up there with his top singles and love the opening guitar part! Good job Sam!

5. You are Mine by Mute Math: Probably my favorite song by the band! I was never really interested in this tune i admit, until i read on John Mayer’s blog last September how they were quickly becoming one of his favorite bands and that this was among his faves… I checked it out, gave it a chance and for literally the last 8 months, it’s been a constant play on the ipod! peaceful!

6. Vultures by John Mayer: Speaking of Mayer, if you haven’t checked out his new DVD you must, it’s amazing and gives a new respect for his music! Vultures was and is my favorite song from his last album, but even more on this new live album… He’s recorded the song 3 times on cd and each time it sounds better!

7. Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics: Had to mention this one… It has literally been on my ipod list for 3-4 years now, not sure as to the exact time, but i never get sick of this song. My bud Kris introduced me to stereophonics then and am yet to find another song that sticks in my head like this one! It was featured on movies such as ‘Crash’ and ‘Wicker park’ and was played in such appropriate scenes, that only made me like the tune more!

8. Love’s not a competion (But I’m Winning) by Kaiser Chiefs: When I was living in Toon, I was sitting around the house one night watching Conan O’brien with my bud Travis and these guys performed. They didn’t perform this tune, however their live performance of their single ‘ruby’ was enough to encourage me to go out and by their disc the next day! Such catchy music! Love this tune for some reason, lyrically it’s fun and is the kind of song that makes me wish i was talented enough to play at an open mic show! If only?

9. I will Possess your heart by death Cab for Cutie: Lyrically, this could qualify as the “Stalker’s National Anthem.’ Once you get pass that and the once-annoying, now great 4 minute bass intro, you’ve got a great tune that’ll definately remind me of the summer!

That’s it for now, hopefully some people check out some of the tunes… Now my question for you is, what have you been listening to lately? What are your favorite tracks right now?


One response to “Music.

  1. My husband has such great taste in music… I love it. Such a variety… but this post leaves me something to question… why don’t you make me a mix tape?!

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